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Welcome to WNAZ "The Pulse"

WNAZ "The Pulse" is Nazareth College's student-run radio station. The station is operated completely by interested students and features a number of talented DJs throughout its daily programming and advertising. The WNAZ DJs are dedicated to broadcasting music for all ages and music tastes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. DJ shows consist of talk shows (including current U.S./World News, current Nazareth news, and local Rochester weather) and music selections.


So what do you guys play?
Our music collection is very diverse and covers two entire walls in the station. In addition to iTunes purchases of the top songs on a regular basis, we receive many CDs each week in the mail to add to our ever-growing collection. Each DJ has their own style of show, but anyone can call in with a request, and we will do our best to play what you want to hear!
I don't live on campus.  Can I still listen to "The Pulse" somehow?
WNAZ is now streaming live!! Just click on the "Listen" button at the top of this page and soon you'll be listening through your computer's iTunes, or other, digital music player! You can also click on "Radio" in your iTunes player and search for "WNAZ The Pulse" under College Radio. If you do live on campus, you can still watch us on your television on Channel 4.
Do you take requests?
Do horses eat hay?! Of course!! We aren't like regular radio stations where you call in to request a song and don't hear it for over an hour because their music selections are already pre-determined. We will do our best to find any song that you request, and play it right away! Just call during a show time at (585) 389-2883.